The Sepli is accredited by EBAFOS (Ente Bilaterale ed Organismo Paritetico Nazionale).

Technical-Normative Training, Safety at Work, Fire Prevention, Facilities, Urban Planning.

Training is essential to develop and maintain an adequate professionalism.

For this reason, Sepli subjects its collaborators to frequent training and information courses in the various areas of safety and engineering.

Sepli organizes specific training courses for companies. Differently from what generally happens, the courses organized by Sepli aim to provide adequate training exclusively and exclusively in the interest of the individual company.

This is why each course is organized from time to time based on specific needs.

By way of example, the courses cover:
– the installation
– maintenance management
– fire prevention
– the management of construction sites
– safety in construction sites and workplaces.

We also organize courses according to the REGION STATUS AGREEMENT:
– General training
– Specific training for low, medium and high risk.

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